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´´Thank you Avisa4you, in particular Marie. I have been refused visas to the Uk and Usa and thought I would never achieve my dream of migrating abroad.

Avisa4you was recommended by my girlfriend who lives in Denmark.  I initiated a chat on their webpage and got assigned to an adviser Marie.

She was extremely professional, patient and helpful in walking me through what was for me a scary and confusing process. She got to know my needs and me and started the process that has changed my life. I am now in Canada studying Human Resource management. Amazingly I have been followed up to ensure I settled fine and have received advise on how to extend my visa and in the future seek residence status. Thank you avisa4you! Highly professional. I really appreciate all your great effort!'' -Laura


"Well done Avisa4you team! Your professionalism is unmatched. You attention to detail was impeccable. I never had any problems as everything went smoothly. I am now in The Netherland! I would happily recommend your services to my family and friends''  -David J


"StinaLorentsen has been my trusted advisor since 2008,…all the way from getting me Master degree admission in the UK to a student visa, working under the graduate program and recently applying for permanent residency. Also when I got married, she also guided me through the change of status application. When I think of all the mistakes, I made when I tried to do some of the application on my own and how it nearly cost me to be deported. I thank God for Stina and how she untangled all my web of mistakes and most importantly got me on the right track again." –Linda


"I cannot begin to thank you enough Avisa4you. Your professionalism and attention to detail has been invaluable. You provided me with spot-on advice and guidance throughout the process. You guidance through the family reunification procedure was impeccable.Thank you Stina, you were not only very professional but you treated our case as your own.I will definitely recommend your services which is invaluable and value for money!" –Roisin


"Outstanding Service! I am very impressed. All through my case I received impeccable personalized service that was efficient and professional. The Avisa4you team assisted and guided me through finding a trainee internship placement in Ireland. I would highly recommend their services! "–Uchman


"Thank you avisa4you, you made our trip to the US hassle free. As a career woman and mother, I really need a team that was efficient, fast and guaranteed, saving me all the stress of the application. With the help and assistance of Avisa4you we got our holiday visas to the US." –IT and family


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