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International students from a country within the European Union or Australia, Japan, Canada, Isreal, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Honduras, Monaco and San Marino do not need a visa to apply to study in Germany.

However, if you are from a country not included in the above you will need to apply for one of the following visas. It is important that you apply for the right visa; a tourist visa can for example not be converted into a student visa. To apply to study, you can apply for any of the following depending on your circumstances:

1. Language course visa: valid only for the duration of the course.

2. 3-month study applicant’s visa: valid for those who have not yet been admitted to a university. Upon admission, it must be converted into a resident permit for student purposes at the office for foreigners’ affairs

3. Visa for study purposes: valid for one year. Student must provide proof of admission and financial support for the duration of study to receive this visa. Avisa4you will guide you through the necessary steps to make sure your visa is assured. From the first step of gaining admission at a German university to submitting an application for a student, visa to the German Embassy in your home country. Avisa4you will make sure you attach all required documentation like verification from your university that you have been accepted and documentation for meeting all the financial requirements.The German Embassy will then forward the visa application for an opinion to the foreigners' authority in the town of the university and once approval is given the visa will be issued.

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