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Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies-

Residence permit for studying purposes can be issued for a person, who
- wishes to reside in Hungary to study on full-time basis in an accredited secondary- or higher educational institute, or
- to participate in a preparatory course for higher education organized by a higher educational institute, and
- certifies that he has the knowledge of language necessary for his studies.
- A person entering the country as part of an international treaty, international cooperation or government-level relief-program for study, educational, scientific, qualification or training purposes is entitled for a residence permit for official purposes.

In order to apply for student residence permit you have gained admission into an educational institute
Note that if the residence permit was issued for a preparatory course, it can only be extended if the third country national gains admittance to an accredited higher education institute in Hungary.

Proper language knowledge can be certified/evidenced:

- by an official language-exam certificate;
- by an official certificate of studies in a foreign language;
- or by other credible way.

You must also show evidence of being able to support yourself financially and should be able to provide the costs of his/her living, accommodation, leaving the country, and of his/her health care if needed, from a legally gained employment income.

A foreigner residing in Hungary for studying purposes can certify his/her living primarily with:

- scholarship certificate;
- money on bank account;
- money sent regularly to his bank account from abroad.

Also required is proof of accommodation in Hungary-accomoddation should be at least 6 square meters per habitant.
The existence of Hungarian accommodation can be proved primarily with the following documents:
- tenancy agreement/contract
- proof that a Commercial accommodation is booked and paid for;
- proof of student accommodation;
- by valid invitation signed with the consent of authorities;
- proof of ownership of a residential dwelling with a copy of the title deed that is no more than 30 days old;
- a property sales contract submitted to the Land Registry Office and the copy of the Administrative Office's decision authorizing the acquisition of a property.

The residence permit for the purpose of study is issued:
- If the course is shorter than two years, the duration for which the permit is issued adapts.
- If the course takes 2 years or more, than the permit is issued for at least one, and the maximum of two years which can be extended occasionally by one, and the maximum of two years.

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