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Residence permit for the purpose of employment or other gainful activites:

Residence permit for continuing employment can be obtained for those, who want to:

- perform actual work for another person, or under the direction of another person for a compensation based on legally defined employment relationship
- perform work individually, according to legal regulations, for a compensation
- perform activities as the owner, leading office holder or member of a managing, representative or supervisory body of a business association, cooperative, or other legal person created for profit making.

A residence permit for employment is issued for up to three years, and can be extended with a maximum of three years occassionally. Document needed In the case of a residence permit for the purpose of paid activity:

1. a work permit,
2. a contract of employment,
3. a document certifying occupancy in Hungary, and
4. a certificate on how the person will make a living until he receives his first salary (bank account statement, employer’s certificate that he will pay an advance to the person, etc.)

5. a certificate on the character of the gainful activity (the articles of association),
6. the resolution on the court registration of the enterprise,
7. a document certifying occupancy in Hungary,
8. a certificate on the acquisition of the qualification necessary for filling the position,
9. a declaration, certificate on the (expected) yearly income,
10. a certificate of the amount of money at the person’s disposal in Hungary,
11. the simplified balance sheet of the previous year (for a firm already operating),
12. a certificate that the firm has no public debt (for a firm already operating),
13. if the firm has Hungarian employees: their employment contracts,
14. in case of a new enterprise: a brief business plan.

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