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Joining settled family in the UK can be an exciting experience but it can also be stressful and challenging. At avisa4you, we specialize in various areas of the family route including joining partners, spouses, parents and children. Our dedicated team will ensure that joining your family member is a smooth, hassle-free process. Applying within one of the most complex areas of the UK immigration rules requires precision and knowledge of the process.

  • Adult Dependants Joining Settled Family
  • The main purpose of this category is for a non-EEA adult dependent relative who is 18 or over, to be cared for in the United Kingdom by their settled family.You may be dependent on a son, daughter, parent, grandchild, brother or sister who is present and settled in the UK.
  • Joining Parents & Children
    To join permanently settled parents in the UK, a ‘family of a settled person’ visa is required. This applies to non-European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationals. You must be under 18 years of age, and be joining your permanently settled parents for 6 months or more in the UK.
  • Joining your Partner

    You may be eligible to join your ‘present and settled’ partner in the United Kingdom, providing that you fulfil strict immigration criteria. Partners must be 18 or over and prove that they are in a ‘genuine relationship’. You can either be:

  • a. Married
    b.In a civil partnership
    c.Or have been living together for at least 2 years in a genuine relationship

Taking the 5 year route Since the 9th July 2012, those wishing to enter or remain in the United Kingdom under the partner route, will be provided with stay of up to 5 years, at which point you can qualify for settlement. Should you have entered the UK in the partner route prior to the 9th July, you may still be able to qualify for settlement after 2 years. To join your partner in the United Kingdom, you must, meet very specific requirements including suitability requirements, i.e. you must not have any current or previous unspent criminal convictions. Partners applying are also required to prove that they are conducive to the public good. For more information on the meaning of ‘public good’, please contact us. Once you have met the initial suitability requirements, you must meet the eligibility requirements, i.e.

      a.Financial Requirements b.

English Language Requirements

    There are two main ways in which the financial requirements can be meta.

If you are earning the equivalent of £18,600 per annum in earned income. This will increase for each non-settled child, who is dependant on you and your partner. b.Having a level of cash savings above £16,000 for at least 6 months prior to the application date. These savings can be calculated according to any other earned income you may have.

Please note, if the source of income is only from your own income (applicant), it should have been derived legally from the UK over at least the last 6 months.

  • Joining your EEA family member
    The European Economic Area (EEA) family permit has made it substantially easier for non-EEA family members to move around EU member states. Eligible EEA nationals with either the intention of, or currently living in the UK on a long term basis may sponsor their foreign family member to accompany or join them in the UK. Despite being administered by the Home Office, EEA family permits are issued under the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006 and not UK Immigration Rules.

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