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Universities in Romania
Romanian universities offer great choice of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Romanian, English, French and German languages. Romanian university degree’s are highly appreciated and recognized in Europe and beyond. With lowest tuition fees and living cost, simplified university admission process and visa application, credit transfer students accepted, multicultural social environment attract thousands of international students every year.

University admission Requirements

Passport: travelling document

To apply to Romanian studies, a valid passport is mandatory. Its copy must be submitted along with application form and other required documents.

High school diploma and minimum age:
Having High school diploma (also called baccalaureate, leaving diploma etc) or equivalent, giving access to university studies in issuing country is a must to apply to studies in Romania. This means that the prospective student have completed 12th Grade in the US/Canada and elsewhere. In the UK he can be in the process of completing your A-levels. He must be at least 17 years old.

Self finance
Tuition fees and living cost during your stay in Romania: you must have your own form of financing your studies by own good economy, student loans, wonderful parents or generous sponsors or by other appropriate ways.
For those seeking for Romanian finance assistance, they must contact the Romanian diplomatic representative in their countries or the representative of their county in Romania.

Good health
Applicants to study in Romania must be in good health (without contagious diseases or diseases which is not compatible with the future profession) and display good social behavior and ability to integrate into a mature studying environment as well as interact with people of all colors and nationalities.
Admission requirements and procedure to study in Romania differ according to the nationality of the students and are grouped in two categories: students from EU, EEA an Swiss confederation and student from other countries.

University Acceptance (admission) Letter
In Romania, international students can obtain University Acceptance Letter also so called University admission letter for studies in Romania by direct applying to the University of their choice, or to the Ministry of Education or passing by Study in Romania admission Center.
All international students may send all documents mentioned in admission requirements in order to get the letter of acceptance personally. Along mentioned documents, it is advised but not obligatory to attach the recommendation from the financier of your studies in Romania and the recommendation letter from one of your previous professor or employee.
To obtain University Acceptance Letter (University admission letter) for studies in Romania, some universities ask application processing fee varying between 100 to 250 Euro.
It is s advised to apply for University Acceptance Letter for studies in Romania as soon as possible in order to have more chance to be accepted.

International students exempted from language test:

  • you are from the country where the language is officially,
  • you have done your previous studies in the same language with the language of instruction
  • you have a certificate of language proficiency
  • you can prove with documents that you have studied Romanian for at least four years

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