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At Avisa4you, we work with a select number of US colleges and universities that are certified by the Department of Homeland Security, to offer our students 2-3year, undergraduate and graduate degrees in the most popular fields of study
Our consultants at Avisa4you will take you through the necessary steps for gaining admission into an approved college or university.
Before we take you through the step or before you contact us, please Start by meditating on these basic questions:

  • Why do you want to study in the United States?
  • Where will you fit in best?
  • Which colleges or universities will meet your needs?
  • Do you have the required finances and/or will you need financial assistance?
  • Where do you want to live in the United States?

The first step to studying in the United States is researching your options to find a college or university that best fits your needs. We at Avisa4you will find the school that matches you and your priorities and long-term goals.

Remember that no official ranking system exists for colleges and universities in the United States. The best college or university is the one that is best for you and meets your requirements—academic, financial, and personal.

Contact us as soon as possible so we can meet the admission deadlines.

The next step is your finaces for your studies:Consider that investing in your studies is an investment in your future.Invest in yourself! The cost of living and studying varies across the United States. Avisa4you has trained consultants who have researched the possibilities. With the right amount of planning and research, pursuing a U.S. higher education can be made affordable with high returns on your investment.

U.S. institutions offer a wide array of programs with a wide array of tuition and fees. The United States is a large country and the cost of living varies greatly from place to place. Location matters! Depending on where you live and study, costs for housing and food vary greatly in the United States. Suburban or rural areas in the South and Midwest of the United States generally have the lowest cost of living.

Completing your application: This step covers the general application requirements for U.S. colleges and universities.

Applying for U.S. study is a task that takes time and concentration as each application is different and involves collecting recommendations, writing essays, and routing the results of required standard examinations. Let Avisa4you help you navigate this daunting process for a successful result Contact us.

Undergraduate: Some general application requirements:

  • Educational credentials: This is typically your secondary/high school diploma and transcripts, as well as any final national exams required in your country. Transcripts are certified copies of your educational record, courses, and grades. An original transcript or certified copy sent by your secondary/high school is generally required for each institution you apply to for admission, along with translations into English.
  • Standardized test scores: Scores may be required to assess your academic ability and English proficiency level.
  • Recommendation letters: The head or principal of your school, your school counselor, your personal tutor, teachers, coaches, or supervisors from professional experiences may write recommendation letters. Your recommenders must be able to write about your work and be able to assess your potential to do well pursuing a higher education degree. Be sure to choose someone who knows you well.
  • Essay/personal statement: This is your chance to write about your interests, long-term goals, and strengths – one of the most important aspects of your application.

Graduate: General application requirements

  • Personal data form: Be sure to keep you personal information consistent and always spell your name the same way on all documents.
  • The personal statement gives you the opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are as an individual. Your statement should be clear, concise,and persuasive. Highlight your unique strengths, skills, or teaching experiences to show the institution that you are a good match with their program and department.
  • Your transcript is a list of classes you completed in your undergraduate studies and the grades you received in each class. Ask past professors, administrators, or employers to write your letters of recommendation. Your recommenders should write in depth about your work and assess your potential to do well as a graduate student.

Applications is starting now!!!

Applying for your student visa: See our usa visa section/contact us.

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